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Membership is open to anyone with a brain injury of any kind, to the carers and family members of individuals with a brain injury, to volunteers and to anyone with an interest in brain injury. For the individual with a brain injury and for a maximum of two carers or family members of that individual, Full membership is available. A carer is considered to be a family member who has responsibility for looking after a brain injury survivor or responsible for their affairs. In cases where this is not possible another person may be admitted subject to the approval of the Management Committee. For all others, Associate membership is available. Associate members do not have the right to vote nor to serve on the Management Committee and will normally pay the full costs of any activities or services of which they may avail. For historical reasons there are some people who do not fulfil the normal conditions for Full membership but who will be entitled to Full membership. These names are detailed in our constitution.. In the future, others who do not meet the normal requirements for Full membership may be admitted to Full membership if in the opinion of the Committee they have shown a sustained high level of commitment to the organisation over a period of time.

Members must normally be over 18 years of age but applications will also be accepted from children and young people. However, certain restrictions will apply to the activities and services they are allowed to access. Details of these restrictions are available on request.

Applications for membership must be made on the appropriate form and are not active until approved by the Management Committee. New members will normally be expected to attend An Open House session to meet some of the Committee prior to submitting their application.

The organisation will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sexuality, disability, religious or political belief, marital status or age.



Membership fees are £25 per person for Full membership and £15 per person for Associate membership or for membership of people under 18 years of age. Fees are fixed at the Annual General Meeting and are due annually in September of each year. Members who join between September and June in any year will have to pay the appropriate fee and then pay again in the following September. Anyone joining between July and September will not have to pay again until September of the following year. Membership fees are not refundable under any circumstances. Membership is not transferable.

As we currently are not in receipt of any Government funding for the provision of services we have a policy of asking members to make a financial contribution to the costs of all activities. The balance of our costs are met through fund raising.




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