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Guys, I would like to thank you for the lovely welcome. Only met a few of you but I am sure I will get to know you all. Really enjoyed myself. Can totally understand why it is called “Our House” as it is like a home from home.
I too was blown away with the people there and the place is fantastic. The welcome I got was brilliant and the sense of belonging was great.
Thanks to BIF I now have a life and friends
Joining the Brain Injury Foundation has proven to be hugely important for my wife and I as survivors and carers are looked after very well. I would encourage anyone who is suffering in any way to at least sample what a support group might be able to do for them

As a parent with a daughter with a brain injury I simply want to share with you what the Brain Injury Foundation means to me and what we have gained from it since its inception.

When I joined Brain Injury Foundation I was at a very low ebb, I was on anti-depressants, l felt engulfed with a despair of feeling “how much longer can I keep going”, yes I had lots of family scattered in different parts of N.I. and mainland UK, but within my four walls were only my daughter and I.

Since May 1997 I have watched my daughter suffer daily with her various medical diseases and conditions, their impact and how they robbed her of natural experiences in living and growing up, the impairment on her quality of life tearing at my core causing my depression.

We became member of BIF and through its active calendar of events have forged friendships and support networks which have given us tremendous joy.

We no longer suffer isolation, even on the numerous days health keeps us at home I have many friends, and I really do mean friends, they care deeply and support us by phone and various social networking sites , this too has been facilitated through BIF programme of our tablets and teaching class on how to surf the web.

At times we sit and talk openly about issues solely related to our given situations, we readily offer each other comfort and advice from past experiences on coping with whatever problems are encountered, these can be emotional and tearful but before the conversations close we are always laughing again purely because of the immense support and friendships of hugs.

I cannot in these few words express truly how much BIF means to us but I can clearly say if we hadn’t BIF we would be lost and I never wish to go back to that feeling of despair and loneliness.