24 Hour Helpline Service Number

Medical Services for ABI

The following medical professionals may be involved in treating anyone who has sustained a
brain injury:

  • Neurosurgeon: a doctor trained in the surgery of the nervous system and the brain
    Neurologist: specializes in care of patients with brain injury
  • Clinical neuropsychologist: asses and treats the cognitive, behavioural and emotional challenges following brain injury
  • Clinical psychiatrist: deals with mental health and emotional issues
  • Physiotherapist: helps brain injury survivors regain maximum functioning of the body
    Occupational Therapist: helps brain injury survivors achieve maximum level of independence in all aspects of daily life
  • Speech and language therapist: assesses and treats brain injury survivors with speech and
    language issues
  • Social worker: provides emotional and practical support pre and post discharge
    In the Southern Health and Social Care Trust services for brain injury survivors are co-ordinated through the Area Brain Injury Team which is based in Portadown and can be contacted at 028 38398350